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Our 4-hour class includes the course + exam needed to obtain a Food Manager Certification. This certification is valid for 5 years and is a requirement for all food establishments. 

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About the Food Manager Certification in California

Most food facilities are required to have at least one person, an owner or designated employee, who has passed an approved food safety manager certification exam. Most of the other facility employees are required to have a Food Handler Card. New food facilities have 60 days after opening day to obtain certification. Certification is valid for five (5) years from the date of issuance.
Certifications like the Food Manager Certification has been recognized nationwide as a standard for determining the competency of managers in supervising food and beverage professionals and helping them keep the workplace environment food safe for everybody. Maintaining food safety is risky business, which is why food establishments should make sure that they employ the best people to handle the job.

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